Geospatial Applications

“Site suitability and public participation: A study for bike sharing stations in a college town” combines spatial analysis and a community survey to identify locations for potential bike sharing stations in the City of Ames, IA and provides a methodology for the site suitability of bike-sharing stations that can be used by other communities interested in planning for options for mobility.

“Assessing the impacts of watershed indexes and precipitation on spatial in-stream E. coli concentrations” develops indices for the Squaw Creek Watershed, IA, which were then analyzed using bivariate analysis.  Our approach for predicting in-stream E. coli concentrations appears to be a useful technique for assessing the effects of land management on water quality.

“Participação pública e potencialidade de locais:  Inovações de modelos de avaliação” considers the evaluation models developed by information technology professionals and the mapping of a survey’s results as the evaluation models proposed by the people of the place.

“Análise exploratória de dados espaciais: Suporte aos estudos urbanos com enfase nos padrões de distribuição,” discusses the application of Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA). The need to disseminate geospatial methodologies that go beyond simple mapping is crucial for the Brazilian GIS community because there is a dearth of scholarly publications in Portuguese on this topic.

“Using spatial analyses to examine student proficiency: Guiding district consolidation and reform policy decisions”

“Avaliação da expansão da infraestrutura em esgotamento sanitário na mancha conurbada da Região Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte: 2000 a 2010”

“Examining the Spatial Distribution of Urban Indicators in São Paulo, Brazil: Do Spatial Effects Matter?”

Review of A Framework for Geodesign: Changing Geography by Design by Carl Steinitz

Review of Mastering ArcGIS by Maribeth Price

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